Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tec Weekend

Well, the big weekend is finally here! We get to see if all the preparing pays off! Well, it did. We all ate like kings and queens the entire weekend! All the teams worked VERY hard.......but as you can see, a little fun may have slipped in (what is mom wearing??). Yes armed with her tin-foil chef's hat, mom joined our kitchen ranks and pops helped me get a dish doing strategy down. It was a blast! Cheryl, mom and Katie were the kitchen think tanks. Our Youth leader, Carolyn, worked very hard to keep things tidy and keep us on track.

Sarah kept us laughing! She is one funny cat! She also brought her massive worship tunes collection with her (thanks for the rap Sarah!), and she often led us in a little kitchen worship with her wonderful voice! She is a hard worker!

Cheyenne is a work horse! This servant never quits and it was a pleasure to work with her! She doesn't like pictures that much though

Jen was always smiling as she peeled and cut and sharpened and served. Keep smiling Jen, your face is a light to the world!

Dad was our faithful Pots man! You would cook, throw the pots into the little room and they would come flying back out with sanitized steam coming off them!! Thanks pops!

Sussie Q was our kitchen mom and brought her experience and her wonderful laugh to our team. We love you Sue! (Sue loved to show off her false teeth tricks :)

The shop team (the bronze biceps) worked closely with us and we loved having their help as well! Thanks Jon and the Gang!

The weekend was filled with friend making, teaching, eating, worship and to put it in the words of one of the candidates..... "It was like one huge weekend God party!!!". I couldn't agree more! It is wonderful to see God move in everyone's lives. As we learn about the bible, God's love through Jesus, how to live for him and how to relate to God. When you spend time with God's people, there are challenges, but it is a miracle of God how we grow together and become the body of christ (how a body works all together). It takes me back to the kings kids days....... It makes me think that these lonely little houses that spend so much time in are just not right. Yes, it may sound a little granola (hippish), but does anyone know of any good communes ? :^ )
Whoa, we are way off topic, ok. So yah, Tec rocks!

Our kitchen theme was sound of music (yes Shiloh, yes it was!). It was a glorious kitchen song as people all shouted along the familiar "favorite things" tune!! We often sang it so loud that my bad drum ear would start crackling!! And for our skit, we did the sound of music in 5 minutes! And guess who Maria was, yup, yours truly, hahaha. It was very, very fun!! It was a great weekend, we recommend!

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Adam O'B said...

Yes, TEC was a blast. God is good! That statement seems so inadequate. Micah, I thoroughly agree about that commune idea. You should start looking into that, keep me posted!
Adam O