Monday, November 21, 2005

The Traveling Salesman

This is an exciting blog! Some of you may be under the impression that the days of the traveling salesman are long gone..............well have we got news for you..............they are not! We had the privilege of hosting Graham, the vacuum salesman! When Katie answered a phone survey several days ago, she inadvertently signed us up for a vacuum demonstration, but not just any was a "Majestic Queen" vacuum!!!

Let's just start by saying that this is the most incredible indoor machine we have EVER seen! Made from army, medical, and spacecraft materials, this 1.5 Horsepower tornado bucket can suck up just about anything you can fit through the wand. We watched with awe as Graham filled the whole vacuum with a weeks supply of newspaper flyers, then suck an anti-tank bullet right into the vacuum!!!! It was pure craziness. We don't have a lot of money as most of you know, so we made the best of the situation as Graham let us test this little hummer out on our sofa and bed. It is really the most incredible vacuum we have ever seen and after talking to our grandparents about how much money you can waste in a lifetime on bad vacuums, we think that we may very well be buying one of these bad boys in the near future (like when we have kids, or I randomly decide to start wearing shoes in the house just so we can get one : ). Thanks for the presentation Graham!


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Adam O said...

Hahaha, that is awesome! My grandfather used to be a travelling salesman. I'm glad there are people to carry on the proud tradition.
-Adam O