Saturday, November 26, 2005

One wonderful Saturday!!

Today we added some new editions to the house.
We finally got around to hanging out some of our pictures and paintings. It definitely makes our apartment feel homier with Johanie’s beautiful mirror, more sunflower stuff, a wall clock, pictures of our friends and family and Micah’s character sketch hanging over his throne!

After a long day of watching Micah measure, measure and then measure one last time, everything was hung and it was time to get ready to head out to our friend Maria’s birthday party.

The party was just down the road within walking distance so we headed
down the road with rolls in our hands and the camera in Micah’s pocket. We arrived at a beautiful house filled with lots of friends and family of the two birthday gals, our friend Maria and our new friend Deborah. Deborah’s family is from the Congo in Africa so let’s just say that the food was.............AMAZING!!! We got to enjoying many traditional African dishes along with some Pilipino dishes that Maria’s family made. There was a really hot pepper dish that was made and, being brave, Micah decided he would try it out. When asked if it was hot Micah replied (as cool as a cucumber) “No that’s not to spicy…." Thinking: "Oh well I love hot stuff and Micah doesn’t seem to think that it’s even hot I think I will try some." So taking some of the red hot stuff on my fork and putting it to my lips and into my mouth, Micah leans over to tell me: "Katie I was only putting on a show that is the hottest stuff I have ever tasted!!” Well just as he was speaking my lips began to swell up and I was salivating like a mad dog!!! It was the hottest thing that has ever been on these lips. I guess I will have to remember the manly ego the next time Micah tries to pull a stunt like that!!!
After supper was over and birthday cake was eaten (Dairy Queen ice-cream cake at that) the table was soon being dragged out of the room and a real dancing party began! We danced the night away learning lots of new moves as we worshiped Jesus with their own music from the Congo! Micah is a really good dancer!!! He was grooving with all the other men!! In the middle of the evening the dance party turned into a fun game of musical chairs.

Toward the end of the evening Micah decided to show them a little bit of our culture. So we put on Stephanie Mainville’s “Family” CD and taught everyone at the party how to play spoons to the fiddling music. It was wonderful!!

We left the party pretty late and could not stop talking about how much fun we had had! We woke up the next morning still laughing and dancing remembering all the fun we had enjoyed.

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If you think I'm ever using your toilete with that hideous picture of Micah staring at me, you're horribly mistaken. -Mulletician