Friday, November 25, 2005

TGFF : Thank God for Fridays

To top off our busy week with lots of guest for supper, Weiwei joined us on Friday night for Hot Roast Beef sandwiches. Micah and I were not sure if he would enjoy such a simple meal, but come to find out, they eat roast beef all the time in China and Weiwei had not had it since he moved to Canada (2 years ago). After supper we took a road trip down to the co-op to pick up some ice cream. There were so many choices to choose from but Micah, being 80 or something, picked vanilla…over Candy Cane (Sarah P, I know that you would appreciate that choice).

Our friend Paul soon arrived and we all enjoyed the left over apple pie with ice cream. It was our energy food before playing our favorite card game 3’s. Weiwei must have been practicing over the week because he was really good…winning almost every game. I think that he figured out some math formula to it or something.

After all being beat but Weiwei, we moved our evening into the living room to have a Bomerman show down. We played on teams, but Micah is so good that him and Weiwei won almost every time.

It was a great evening and we look forward to learning more Chinese and even how to prepare a proper Chinese meal…who would have known that Chicken Balls and red sauce don’t exist in
China!!! Now that’s crazy!!!

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