Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pandrew Gardens

Well, you know what they say..........."Rain in spring makes things in May" *confused look*, ah yes, "Aprilish showers makes snow peas in August", something to that effect anyway. IT'S GARDEN TIME! So Phil and Genieve live right on the way home from my work and while we were hanging out the other day, Phil and I decided to make a garden in his backyard! In case you didn't know, I am a snow pea freak!! I don't eat them all year because they are so expensive, but come garden time, I get really hyper and start thinking about 6 foot tall vines with my little green friends growing on them. In our little garden Phil and I will be planting peas, carrots, tomatoes and squash. We got the name from combining Peterson and Anderson (which we believe comes from Andrew's son).

First off, we marked out the territory....

Then we started the tilling, without a tiller.....

We found a few worms, so we saved them in a box for a fishing trip!

We finished up and agreed to plant some seeds in a few days!

Overall, we felt pretty manly digging in the dirt and stuff and our beau-ti-ful wifes cheered us on from the balcony! There you have it guys, if you want to capture that young lady's heart, just go get out there and some plant peas..........then invite me over in late July. Happy Planting!!

*mumbling to myself* April flarrots bring May's carrots?

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