Monday, May 15, 2006

Enjoying the Sun!

We woke up on this bright sunny Monday and decided that it would be a great day to test out our new BBQ at Centennial Park. We called around to our friends and made plans to meet there after everyone was done working for supper. The new grill worked great as we enjoyed sausages, hotdogs, vegetable skewers, garlic and parmesan potatoes, and a delicious Greek salad that Renee made.

While Micah did all the Barbequing the rest of us played a game of Frisbee. It was great fun playing with two people (Renee and Phil) who are both pro-ultimate Frisbee players. Harry, Genieve and I all learned some new moves, which will come in handy for playing with them!

After supper we enjoyed some freezer banana pops! Which were a new creation that was a big hit and tasted delicious! Once those were gone everyone exercised their supper off with more Frisbee and hackie sack.

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