Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Newsboys

Micah and I had the chance to go and see the Newsboys over the long weekend at Harbor Station. We had such a fun filled day traveling to St. John with my Mom and Dad. While in the city we enjoyed a delicious supper at the beautiful Reversing Falls Restaurant. Micah and my dad enjoyed steak, while I had sea food casserole and mom had baked fish. I took full advantage of this restaurant and even splurged for dessert, blue berry cheese cake, it was fantastic!

Now that we were all really stuff and feeling some what uncomfortable it was time for the show. We got to see a lot of our good friends, old campers and friends that we don’t get to see that often there. We found our seats, then found new seats and got ready for the concert to start.

Micah and Dad both enjoyed using the binoculars!

I happened to get this shot of Micah while he was watching one of the drummers play!

After two opening bands and intermissions the Newsboys finally took the stage. The concert was really great. They were focused on worshiping God and not on being worshiped by the crowd. The lead singer (Peter) gave a great sermon on living for God. It was great to hear such a powerful message by a guy who was looked up to there by many youth group teenagers, young adults, parents and pastors. Peter spook very clearly about being “saved” and asking God into your heart is great but it’s the Power that Jesus has to “transform” us to become a new creation in Christ by shedding off our old sinful behavior that really shows that we are Christians. He talked about the power that music, TV, media, movies and friends have on us and that we need to very careful about what we let into our lives through our eyes and ears. This topic has been one that a lot of our friends have been talking about. Its one that a lot of Christians are now waking up to and saying YES we need to be different and we need to walk away from “worldly” things and get back to the thing that is the MOST important….The word of GOD!!! I feel in my spirit that the message that Peter spoke is going to have an affect on many of the people who were there. I know that it hit home with Micah and I!!!


Ben Peterson said...

You could have at least thrown in a coulpe pics of the stage and the band, no?

Burton Stewart said...

We had a good time. There were 1765 people there and only the front row floor seats complained.