Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ella Mae

We had a special church service over the long weekend were our family and Matt's family dedicated my little cousin Ella Mae to the church. Micah and I had were honored to be asked to be her God parents along with one of Carrie and Matt’s good friends Dawn. Ella was very peaceful during the whole thing and never cried once, not even after the Rev. poured water all down the front of her by mistake.

Part of Micah’s responsibilities of being the “God father” was the wearing of the special baptism hat. This is a very heavy hat made out of solid wood but I married a very strong man who hung in there and was able to carry out the responsibility…

Ok your right Micah didn’t have to wear this “special hat” and your right it’s not even a real hat. It’s the top of the baptism bowl but Micah did think it was a great party hat and tried it on!

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