Sunday, March 05, 2006

Saturday Report

Welcome to the Saturday Report.

Once we completed our morning routing, we called our friends Phil and Genieve to see if they wanted to go to the Dieppe Market, well, really we just called to ask for directions, but next thing I know, Phil is my new Navigator! We all hopped into the Fart Mobile (my car's name, do to the mutilated "Fear This!" sticker and massive muffler) and headed off the to the Market. It was awesome! P and G had some cheese coupons, so we hunted for the cheese booth to no avail. But along the way, we got attacked by some kids with coupons and they said that in order to free these giant chocochipcookies, we had to get past the crescent rolled sausages (basically buy $1.25 of something and get a free cookie)!! Phil and I immediately rose to the challenge and defeated the evil pigs in a blanket by eating them and the girls got to eat the giant free cookies.

After the market, Katie decided to try out our skates at the local centenial park. We had lots of fun. Katie enjoys watching me skate, I'm pretty ridiculous, look at my feet in this picture!!

Katie on the other hand is a VERY good skater! She lapped me several times.......... : )

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be inside the brain of a bad skater...........this is what it looks like! hahahaha. After that we went home to get ready for P and G coming for supper! It was a veritable feast. They brought special cheese and we had Korean Boguygi Beef (Ben you know what I'm talking about! Thx for the recipe Sis!). Katie made some delicious apple crisp, it was a wonderful supper. After some adult chitchat, we broke out some games. Now, we decided to put our competitive spirits aside for a bit and unjoyed a round or two of the "Ungame". Ben and I learned of this game many years ago in Virginia. It's not really a game (hence the name : ), it's about getting to know each other by asking deep questions. Needless to say, we learned a lot about each other. Here is Genieve explaining how she is like the color baby blue!

We also learned how to play pit. Pit is a crazy trading game. We had a blast. It's like full contact old maid. hahaha. The point is to get a set of some food product and not get the bear. Guess what I ended up getting almost everytime? You guessed it :S

It was a wonderful day and we are very blessed to have met so many wonderful Christian couples here and Moncton!


T.C. said...

hey guys. Well it's great that you guys have cold enough weather to keep what snow you have. Ours is almost gone, even where we live out of the city.

I want snow!


Anonymous said...
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Genieve said...

We had lots of fun hanging out with you guys! Thanks for a great saturday.

Gen :)