Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Saturday advanture!

This Saturday we had a wonderful time at our friend Jenny’s house with a lot of young adults that attend Glad Tidings. We started the evening off with a devotion done by the young adult’s pastor at our church and then wasted NO time getting to the snack table afterwards. There were lots of treats there for everyone to enjoy.

This is Genieve eating straight from the bowl of trifle! Ha-ha…I am just kidding she was only serving so that every one could enjoy a piece of this chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, whip cream and score bar delight!

After we were all pretty much stuffed we decided to play jungle speed!! This is a very fun game to play with lots of people. There were 14 of us playing so we had to play on the floor.
Out of the 14 of us only 4 had ever played the game before so it was funny listening to Micah explain the rules in English and then Philip having to translate for him in French! Once everyone se-mi understood we starting playing and had a BLAST!! Thanks Ben for getting us such a wonderful game to play!


Genieve said...

That dessert was delicious!! Thank you again for inviting us to this fun event.

Genieve :)

Adam O said...

Again with the food... how is it that you guys do not way 800 pounds? Hahahaha...
I've had that Skor stuff before... oh baby, it is good stuff.
God bless!