Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mountain Lions in Moncton

There have been rumors in New Brunswick for years of giant cats that live amongst us. Have you ever heard of these "sightings"? Well, fear no more! Katie and her new friend Lisa also spotted this ferocious feline in has been captured! A Moncton resident has captured it and made it their pet. Katie was able to capture this picture of it tied to a leash in a yard not far from here.

Now, of course the skeptics will say....."That's not a mountain's a domestic cat!!". Really though, think about it, why would a harmless domestic cat be on a leash??? *eyebrows raised* Hum?? Exactly.

(If you look closely, you can see the leash!)


Johnny boy Hamilton said...

Umm is that not because some people complain about cats so there are new laws coming out stating that you need to either keep it indoors or keep it penned in!

Adam O said...

Back in 1999, I spent three weeks working with a veterinarian in B.C. I lived with his mom, and she always took her Siamese cat out for walks on a leash... it was the only way she let it out of the house.
I am not saying to disprove Micah's theories... I am simply claiming that people are masquerading mountain lions as house cats all over Canada, not just in New Brunswick!

Adam O said...

Much manly back patting love back at ya!