Friday, March 24, 2006

Cheese Robber

This morning I was awakened to an awful sound! As I came out of the room to investigate I found a crazy man had gone into our refrigerator and stolen our cheese. Now you see to Micah cheese is very precious. It is so precious that he is only allowed to eat 2 slices per day. If this rule wasn’t in place we would go through a block of cheese every other day. This morning as I tried my hardest to stop the man from leaving, due to cheese over dose, he went crazy!

He jumped onto our couch and began to escape through the window!!! In the midst of the pursuit I did mange to grab the camera and get some shots of him leaving….HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN???

(Of course you all know this is Micah! I know the neighbors are going to think that we are crazy, or at least all the parents who drive by in the morning dropping their children off at the school next to our apartment........)

Welcome to our crazy day to day life!!


Anonymous said...

Micah, I will send you up some cheese and you can take it to work and leave it there, just like the rose buds. Love ya both Mom

Adam O said...

Poor Micah... such strict cheese control. My family also loves cheese a lot, even my dog. I can't imagine what a cheese ban would be like...
Micah, you have my sympathy.
-Adam O

Micah and Katie said...

I love cheese, but it is expensive here and it is quite fattening (I know, it's a hard pill to swollow, trust me). The Petersons have always had the 2 slice per day rule and Katie is very good about helping me stay on track, and she is one of the best grocery budgeters that I have ever seen!! I just had a moment. hahaha. The thief.

Anonymous said...

At our house Katie was not allowed to "cut the cheese" in the house. Dad

T.C. said...


yeah, she has amazing budgeter skills, i was a first hand witness! But it's a shame about the cheese. Next time try a more silent escape.


Stephen Weyman said...

You can recognize those droopy pants anywhere ;)

Matt and Carrie said...

Micah Aunt D will send cheese.

Mom P said... of my favorite things in life!! Micah, you're a man after my own heart and I must confess Katie, he may have learned his thief tricks from his mother!
I can't wait to get to heaven where the cheesefest will go on forever......Yippeee!!!!!!!

Mom P

Dad P said...'s ok. I enjoy it from time to time, and on certain things. The rule that gets me is only two cookies a day!

Dad P

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm i love cheeze