Monday, March 06, 2006

Daughters of the King

This Friday at our weekly prayer meeting we enjoyed a wonderful banquet to celebrate two of the princess’s birthdays! We had so much fun preparing everything and then getting to enjoy a wonderful time of fellowship around the abundance of food. Ellanor and I spent the day with Deborah preparing the house for the evening. While Ellanor and I where making pizza Deborah was busy at work make plantain chips! It’s basically a fried banana...I really enjoy them dipped in Mayo!

When all the girls had arrived we enjoyed a wonderful meal of pizza, chicken wings and fried plantain. We felt like true royalty as we drank our water or apple juice out of fancy wine classes!

Once the meal was completed it was time for dessert. I had given one of the gals Amanda the recipe for Oreo dessert and she decided to make it in a spring form pan. It was amazing....just like an ice-cream cake!

After the supper we watched the gals open their birthday cards and prayed for God to bless them throughout the year. Once everything was cleaned up we enjoyed a wonderful prayer time in the presence of the Lord.


T.C. said...

Wow, that cake looks so good. Did you bring any home for Micah? ha ha.


Stephen Weyman said...

I'm also drooling over the cake ... yummy!

kristy said...

see food descriptions and pictures .. it's what keeps us coming back for more! HA!

Adam O said...

Your blog always makes me so hungry. None of the folks here in SJ ever cook like that. Maybe I need to get married, or engaged. That seems to be the key to good eats... hahaha
I hope you guys are having an awesome weekend. Hopefully I'll see you guys sometime soon.
Adam O