Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Honey Moon Adventures Day 3

We woke up this morning to the sun shinning in our cabin window. We walked out on our deck to find the backside of 4 Lamas! Micah cooked a great breakfast of scrambled eggs, cheese, toast and cereal. We ate breakfast while watching the Lamas outside. After breakfast we got ready to do some exploring around the town of Nordegg.
WE pack a snack of grapes and apples and head for the car. Micah became easily distracted when we noticed that we could feed the Lamas. After quoting some lines from Napoleon Dynamite we were on our way. We headed to the nearest town to find one building that was a restaurant, museum, gift shop and tourist information center. Apparently the town became a ghost town after the mine shut down. We grabbed some information on the mountain hikes and headed to cresent falls. We hiked along side the beautiful falls and enjoyed our snack. There were many signs like this along the hike!Once again it was back home and time for supper. Micah BBQ’d carrots and chicken while I made home fries and a salad. We enjoyed our meal by candle light then headed back outside for a beautiful walk to a creek and amazing view of baldy mountain. When we returned, we had a date night. We watched a movie and had popcorn.

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