Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Strawberry Pick'in

After Micah and Weiwei finished work we got into our grubby clothes, gathered every bucket and container we could find and headed out to Utopia U-pick to get some Strawberries. Weiwei’s mom has been visiting from China since May so we had the privilege of having her come with us as well. After we picked 4 buckets (this picture is only the best looking berries..haha) we headed home to enjoy a taco supper and of course strawberry short cakes.

Weiwei’s mom helped me to make the tortilla’s, she was really good and made them perfectly round (I still need work on it).

When I found out that Weiwei's mom was a great tortilla maker I started on the biscuits for the short cake. Weiwei and his mom had never had this yummy Maritime dessert before, so after a yummy taco supper, made mostly by Micah and Weiwei, we whipped up the whip cream and enjoyed our freshly picked berries on hot biscuits topped with yummy maple syrup flavored whip cream....

It was a wonderful night!!!

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