Saturday, July 01, 2006

And the two shall become one...

Our weekend started out great!! We were so blessed to be a part of Jamie and Marie-Helene’s wedding. We headed home to Saint John Friday after work and arrived at the Peterson house just in time to enjoy a wonderful meal of Sea food chowder and hot biscuits. When we were finished eating we headed down to the Dayspring building to help decorate for the reception. Once all the decorations had been "sporadically" placed around the room, it was time for bed!

We woke up bright and early to finish up some final touches on the property before getting ready for the morning wedding. We headed into the foggy city of Saint John around 10 am and soon enough the church began filling up with friends and family. After making the groom sweat a little, Marie-Helene and her girls finally showed up. It’s a good thing she had her brothers and the Mainvilles keeping everyone calm with their soothing music!

The wedding was a very beautiful service in both French and English. When it was all over the couple opened the big doors on the old Stone Church to find a beautiful sunny day!!! They took all their pictures at Dayspring, so while they were doing that, everyone had a chance to take their own family pictures, walk around the property and maybe catch a frog or two!

I did however make a point to get a picture of the beautiful bride and groom!!!

The reception was very beautiful with a fabulous spread of food! We all got to enjoy strawberry short cake for dessert and strawberry smoothies for our toasting! When we had finished eating, we enjoyed a slide show presentation of the life of Marie-Helene and Jamie before watching them share their first dance together has husband and wife!

It was a beautiful day filled with God’s blessings and Love!!!


Adam O said...

The wedding certainly was beautiful!
And it was good to see you guys there.

Eli said...

Amazing... I'm very happy for you both!