Friday, July 14, 2006

Road Trip

This weekend we packed up our little AVEO and headed down to St. John on an adventure. We packed up a picnic lunch and decided on our drive to stop in Sussex… Now there probably are many romantic picnicking places in Sussex but of course Micah chose to enjoy our lunch with two very BIG COWS!!!

As I enjoyed the pinic lunch, Micah was busy seeing how he could climb up onto the biggest cow. You can see from this picture that Micah has pulled this pinic table over to the back of the cow. He used it to boost himself up on to the cows tail which he found out is not very sturdy. He didn’t end up making it on the biggest cow, despite all his efforts and begging me to boost him up, but he was victorious in getting onto the little one to have his picture taken.

Oh boys will be boys!!!

1 comment:

Stephen & Maria Weyman said...

It looks like it was a moo-ving experience ;)