Sunday, July 23, 2006

Rhonda's "Special" Birthday

After church this morning our families went out for lunch, to Boston Pizza, to celebrate Rhonda’s birthday! She's been celebrating all summer because it's such a "special" birthday!!

It took the seven of us quite a while to order because of all the great choices on the menu. Ok so from the picture you can tell that it only took a few of us (indecisive) people a while to order. When the food started to arrive, we all knew that we had made great choices! Our meals were all so yummy. During the meal one of us slipped away to tell our waitress that we had a birthday at the table. After she finished clearing up our table it started… All the Boston Pizza waitress, waiters and hosts started clapping, singing and cheering! Before long they were all gathered around our table wishing Rhonda a Happy Birthday!

The excitement was accompanied by a huge brownie topped with icecream and chocolate sauce. It was hot out of the oven and tasted divine!!

Happy Birthday Mom, keep celebrating..... <| :0)

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