Friday, October 21, 2005

Welcome to Saint Jonh Party for Jamie

Tonight we had a party for Jamie at Dayspring. It was a party to welcome Jamie to the city of Saint John and into a new Christian community. Emma, Jonah and I spent the afternoon with Dave and Rhonda preparing the building for the celebration. Jonah helped Nanny sweep the floors while Emma used her artistic ability to make a huge WELCOME JAMIE sign, which hung over the open kitchen widow. We then walked around Dayspring looking for leaves and pine cones to decorate with. Soon the building looked terrific and the guest began to arrive. It was a pot luck supper so there was a lot of yummy food! After we finished eating we had a time of fellowship where we sat around and praised God for all His goodness! John, Cynthia and Josh played musical instruments while the children danced around a poll and everyone else sang. It was a terrific time in the Lords presences. Before the party ended we had a time of prayer for Jamie. After the party Marie-Helen, Jamie, Dave, Rhonda, Micah and I headed over to Josh and Deja’s to have a Dutch Blitz night!

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