Thursday, October 20, 2005

Micah's Graduation

Today we woke up a little later then usual because Micah had the day off work and we were traveling to Fredericton. Today was Micah’s graduation, the 5 years of very hard work he put into school was coming to an end. I treated Micah to his favorite breakfast…MacDonald’s! We dressed really warm because it was sooo cold outside and walked down the road to get a not so healthy breakfast. For every one who knows me this was a big step…I love MacDonald’s breakfast but gave it up after getting a degree in Nutrition! I did promise Micah that I would not complain about how fatty it was until we were finished eating. Micah ordered his favorite a Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddle (which is pretty much the fattiest thing on the menu…He couldn’t tell if it was grease or syrup dripping from it when he was eating it). He enjoyed every bit and eat the slowest I have ever seen him eat. I got my favorite Sausage Egg McMuffin (which are pretty fatty themselves) and a super large coffee. After breakfast we ran home to get ready to head to Fredericton. The drive to Fredericton was absolutely amazing; the leaves were all different colors! The graduation service started at 4:30. Micah had to be there a little early so I saved some seats for Micah’s parents and grandparents. When the graduates came out we thought that it would be hard to find Micah…until he came out in his cap and gown with his old Canadian winter hat on underneath is grad cap. It took him a little while to find us be we ended up getting great seats close to where Micah was sitting!

After the ceremony we took some pictures before heading to El Burrito Loco (which means the crazy Burrito) for a yummy celebration supper! This is Dora (Micah's Nan) with a plate that she got at the resturant.

Congratulations Micah on your accomplishments. You worked very hard so wear your UNB alumni pin with honor!

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