Monday, October 31, 2005

Our FUN filled weekend

We had such a GREAT weekend. It started Friday night after Micah got home from work, we decided after supper to go and get some ice cream at Sobeys, which happened to be on sale, Praise God! If you know Micah and I you know that we both REALLY love ice-cream so this was a great treat for us. We got to sleep in on Saturday morning and then we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast that Micah cooked. We found a recipe in one of our cook books for Crepes and since we had ice-cream we taught this would be a great breakfast treat. Micah did a great job cooking them for his first time. When they were finished we enjoyed crepes with ice-cream, jam, maple syrup, and chocolate sauce. I had a delicious crepe with peanut butter, bananas and chocolate sauce. (I know I sound like Micah talking about how yummy they were…but I must admit they were delicious). Just as they were finished cooking and we were about to eat our friend Paul stopped over. He got to enjoy some crepes with us and then him and Micah played a game (or three) of Mario Kart before Paul headed out for a bike ride and Micah and I did some unpacking.

It was the first time that Micah and I unpacked together. I have done most of the unpacking while he has been at work so it was quite interesting. We have our differences when it comes to throwing away our childhood stuff. I had a moment in the closest (that’s my quite place) before coming out and helping Micah handle the stress of getting rid of some of his most precious childhood things.

After a long day of unpacking (it took hours!!) we got ready and headed over to Paul’s for supper. We had a delicious BBQ’ed supper! I had the pleasure of meeting one of Micah and Paul’s good friend Matt and one of his friends. For dessert we enjoyed yummy butterscotch squares that Matt’s mom baked for us. After cleaning up it was time to get to business and carve some pumpkins. Now we are not believers in Halloween but we ALL love roasted pumpkin seeds. We decided to work in teams and all carve something unique into the pumpkins! Micah and I decided to carve Toad from Mario Kart into our pumpkin. It was hard to figure out how to do it…but we did and it looked really cool when we lite it up.

Sunday was great because we forgot that the clocks were to get set back so we thought we had slept in but ended up having lots of time in the morning to be able to read God’s word together and pray together. It was wonderful! We went to a church service at 2 then came home and enjoyed some Sunday night pizza while we watched the CBC special on the Referendum.

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kristy said...

differnt ideas about unpacking ...THAT'S GREAT.
Man I need a quiet place like you wouldn't believe! See you guys next weekend!