Friday, January 20, 2012

January Fun

The cold weather snap finally showed up with - 20!!!  We think that is pretty cold until some friends who live out west tell us its -41 out where they are.  We are thinking about you guys during this cold weather.  For us here -20 is cold enough to stay inside and have fun if we don't have to go any where's.  So we have been enjoying lots of fun activities together. 


Sweet Jaelyn loves to color.  So every morning while I do preschool activities with Eben, Jaelyn will sit in her high chair and color away.  She is actually pretty good.  I find giving her these special markers that only show up on this special paper makes for great clean up.  

Eben will sit and do some school work but then he is so creative he usually is off using his imagination creating fun stories.  One thing he LOVES to do is play dress up in daddy's snow stuff. 

Eben and mommy got to go on a special date this week.  Eben will go to kindergarten in the fall so he went this week for his assessment.  He did such a great job that mommy took him out for a doughnut and hot cocco.

He picked the one with the most sprinkles on it and sat there eating it and drinking up his coco like he was a little old man! hehehe.  When he was done the doughnut he looked at me and said  "Mama lets stay here and talk while we finish our drinks."   I am really enjoying these special moments with him as he is growing up and becoming a little boy. 

Now today as I blog the snow is falling outside and its really beautiful!  We haven't made it out there yet but maybe after nap time we will suite up and shovel the drive way.  But this morning after all our chores were done the kids had a fun time playing with play-doh.

This picture of Jaelyn was right before she popped the whole ball of play-doh in her mouth! heheh Maybe we will stick to homemade play-doh for her. 

After the eating of the Play-Doh Jaelyn decided she wanted to help me make lunch and got to work playing the pot cupboard. 


Mrs. Stam said...

Look at all the fun they are having!!!! Our goose played with a spay bottle and a rag and washed windows since this morning, I'm telling you HOURS OF FUN ;-)

It's cold here too!

Elisabeth Breckenridge said...

Katie is such an organize, awesome mom. I miss having her around to influence me! Perhaps after I've taught "home with a Heart" as many times as she has, I'll be just as awesome!

Humble Bee said...

Donut dates are the best!