Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy 30th

Happy 2012 Readers!!  We are excited to start our new year off with Micah's 30th birthday.  Here is one of the gifts the kids and I got for Daddy!  

Micah's birthday fell on a Saturday this year so we were able to invite friends and family over to our new home to celebrate his birthday with us.  There are only 2 things Micah LOVES for his birthday.  Mexican pile up and Oreo dessert.  So that is what we enjoyed.  

I really love LOTS of things about our new place and one is the kitchen island.  I love how we could put everything out for a buffet.  So some readers may be thinking what is Mexican Pile Up.  Well let me explain.  Its kind of like making your own Mexican Salad.  There are many different things you can put onto your plate.  You don't want to put too much of one thing on so that you can fit everything onto your plate.  But even if you take just a little bit you still end up with a PILE on your plate. 

So you start out with some rice, chips, beef, beans, lettuce, veggies (tomatoes, peppers of all colors, avocados, onions...really whatever you like), then the toppings, cheese, salsa, sour cream, ketchup (only for Micah) and you cover it all in the special cheese sauce! 

It was a good thing I bought BIG sturdy plates to carry it all on. 

Micah's birthday falls on his grand parents wedding anniversary so it was an honor to have them with us this evening as they were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary!  

Nana was telling the story of how they had gone out for breakfast that morning and when she told the waitress that they were celebrating 60 years of being married she was shocked and asked how did you do it.  She looked her in the face and with honor said he is an amazing man!!!    

After pile up it was time for dessert.  Oreo dessert that is.  This is another traditional recipe that Micah enjoys at this special time of year.  I think that Eben is getting a taste for it as well. 

After all the food it was time for gifts.  Micah's mom has been making felted wool mittens and Micah got a new pair for his birthday.  He also received some money to go towards the purchase of an iPad he has been saving up for.  Since we have the rule if we don't have cash for it we don't buy it he still will have to wait a little bit longer until he gets his mitts on one! 

 It was a great night and we feel so blessed to be back "home" with lots of friends and family.  Although we still do miss our Moncton crew and will never forget Micah's surprise 25th birthday we are feeling peace with God's calling us back.

Here are some shots from the night.

Me with MH and baby Sophie

 Micah, Davey and Josh

 Nephew Jonah and baby Sophie

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Mrs. Stam said...

This post makes me miss you a lot more!!!!! O remenber the25th bidthday, i was pteggo with rebekah that will turn 5 in a few months.
Time sure flies by so fast!!