Friday, January 27, 2012

Hanging pictures

We are doing great settling into our new home and I am so happy to announce that just this week we put pictures on the wall.  Not all of my pictures cause I have a bit of an obsession and we have a LOT.  But come on who wouldn't want pictures of their cute kids, handsome hubby and great looking friends around their house.  I guess its just one of my things. 

Here is our bed room with some pictures up.  For some reason (lighting of course) the top picture looks more bright but the bottom picture is a more accurate picture for the color. 

And our living room.  Well one corner of it. 

 And here is the other corner.  We just got that end table this week so I put our shutterfly book on it along with the lamp and few other things.

Step by Step we are making this house more and more like the home we want.  So there will be lots of little up dates as we add things and put things on the walls.

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Mrs. Stam said...

Love that cherry wall colour :-) love that your house is turning into a HOME :-)