Friday, July 27, 2007

Kate at Camp

This summer I had the privileged as an intern to go to Camp Dia-best. This is a camp that is held each summer at Camp Rotary specifically for children with diabetes. There were also 2 other interns from other nutrition programs selected to go; along with two registered Dietitians. When we arrived on Friday evening we were told that we would no longer be known by our real names but we were each given camp names; so for the rest of the week the camp staff and children referred to me as Tangy.

Our days were filled from morning to evening. We were responsible for posting all the nutrition information for each meal and snack on poster board around the dinning room. During meal times we were each in charge of one cabin. It was our responsibility to make sure that the children accurately counted the right amount of carbohydrates that they consumed. During snack time we handed out snacks and counted carbs. The afternoons where great as we spent them on the beach swimming with the kids.

One of our big jobs was during rest time. One cabin each day would come to the chapel to play nutrition games that we had created. We made these games to help them know how to create a balanced meal, how to read labels and better visualize what a proper portion of food was. This is me with the dietitian Spicy; we were in charge of the label game.

Camp wasn't just all work for us as we got to play and party with the campers as well. This picture was taken the last night during their carnival.

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Stam House said...

Wow I love to read all these update where was I all summer I live so close yet miss so much of all of this!