Saturday, July 21, 2007

Frank and Lilian's Wedding

July was the month of weddings for us. We had 3 in a row! The last wedding we attended in July was a renewing of vows by our dear friends Frank and Lilian. We first met Lilian two years ago when we moved to Moncton. Right away her outgoing and loving spirit made us feel so welcomed. She opened up to us right away and told us about her dear Frank who she had married 3 years earlier, before coming to Canada with her family and they had been praying for Frank to receive a visa so he to could come to Canada. Our prayer group prayed for him every Friday night and one year later we greeted Frank into Canada. It took Lilian a little more time then Deborah to plan the wedding so this summer we were blessed to attend their wedding ceremony.

Now the difference between Canadian weddings and African weddings (besides everyone being MORE then fashionably late : ) is that the Africans NEVER stop dancing. They dance up and down the aisles, people dance around the bride and groom and the best part was when Lilian's brother Calvin and friend Lea danced the cake knife and server up the reception aisle!!

Now the dancing didn't stop there. After the speeches and eating all the guest headed to the dance floor to learn some new moves. Here is Calvin teaching Micah how to really bust a groove!

After all these weddings Micah has really turned into a dancing machine!!

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Stam House said...

Looking Good micah, soe good moves here!!!