Saturday, July 07, 2007

Deborah's Wedding

Our July started off with Deborah and Jean-Luc's wedding. This wedding was very special for us to attend because of the journey that these two love birds have gone through. Last year Deborah flew to Africa to marry Jean-Luc. Throughout the past year we have all been earnestly praying for him to receive a visa to come to Canada. Finally on May 13th, 21 of us from our church gathered at the small airport in Moncton to welcome this man that we had heard so much about.

From that day on, Deborah put us all to work planning the wedding for July 7, 2007. She did an excellent job, putting a wedding together that quickly. After been friends with Deborah and being involved with the African community for over a year we should have figured this was not going to be your typical Canadian wedding. As 2:00 approached, the church was fairly empty as it was only filled with Canadians. It was about 3:00 (1 hour past the time on the invitation) when the church became filled with many people and the bride began to make her way down the aisle.

The wedding was filled with lots of cheering and dancing! Afterwards we enjoyed a delicious African feast and yummy wedding cake we all danced the rest of the night away learning many new moves!


Stam House said...

love the pic of you and your husband, yellow make you glow katie, looking radiant, love it!!!!
thanks for the visit!

Phil & Geniève said...

Wow Deborah looks fabulous!