Sunday, February 12, 2006

Roots Cont'd


This morning we headed out to church to visit my first church family. It felt so good to be back in their arms again and to hear pastor give an enthusiastic message on Jude 1:25.

After church we headed back to Dee’s to enjoy a wonderful brunch of pancakes, hash browns, eggs, toast, whip cream and strawberries.

Once we were filled up we headed over to the packed gym to watch the X-men basketball team take on UCB. It was a intense game with lots of cheering from out section. The X-men game won the very close game against the Capers.

When the game was over Alex, Micah and I headed back to Dee’s place where we had a delicious
pineapple curry supper. We then spent the rest of the evening play “Canadian Cranium” a game that Dee created for a teaching tool. Its just like Cranium except the board is a train track, the players are not colors but instead Canadian figures like a hockey mask, bottle of maple syrup, seal, beaver and nickel and the categories have been total changed to Canadian things. It was a fun game to play and I am sure that her students are going to have as much fun playing as we did.


We woke up bright and early this morning (6:30AM) to head out to the university for morning prayer. This morning however they were doing things a little different, instead of meeting in a room where they normal pray they decided to surround campus with prayer. So about 25 of us braved the snow storm (it was very hard to get out of bed to do) and walked the outside of campus, the inside of campus and the buildings on campus with prayers. It was a refreshing time as God brought to our hearts and spirits stuff to pray for. God also keep us all every warm during our prayer time! When classes were about to start and campus starting getting busy we headed back to Dee’s to get ready for the day.

Micah and I had decided to make Valentines Day on this day because we were going to be busy doing youth group on Tuesday. So we went out for a wonderful breakfast at my favorite restaurants! After visiting some of my professors we went back to Dee’s house to pack up and say our goodbyes. The drive home was wonderful it was such a bright and sunny day. When we arrived home we prepared a delious supper and enjoyed a wonderful candle light dinner together. What a wonderful way to end such a fun weekend!

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