Monday, February 13, 2006

Back to the roots!

This weekend Micah and I were blessed to be able to travel back to the small town of Antigonish NS to visit my brothers and sisters in Christ. The drive down was a relaxing time for us to read together and enjoy each others company without any distractions. The closer we got to “the nish” the more our emotions became mixed. We associate that drive with one of us leaving without the other…but this time we were both going together and leaving together. We arrived Friday evening just in time to join Deanna and her cousins, who were down visiting, for supper. After supper we headed to Sommers Hall to join the fellow Christians for a time of worship, teaching and prayer. It was so nice to be back home with my close friends worshiping God together. After the “LIFE” service they had an “afterlife” dessert party. This was a fun time of fellowship with lots of yummy treats!

After LIFE party

Learning the directions for the desserts!

My friend stacey and I doing some dance moves!


This was a very busy day for Micah and I because we had so many people to visit while we were there. I spend some of the day with my dear friend Carolyn showing her and her roommate Carrie our wedding pictures. Later on in the day I was blessed to be able to spend time with my dear friend Helena at Deanna’s house decorating cookies. I had pre-baked heart shaped cookies and took them to Dee’s house to be decorated. It was fun to see all the different things that we
did with our cookies.

While we did this Micah and Dee’s cousin Clinton spend time playing video games on the computer.

Later that night we went to the church and spent time with the youth group there. After being challenged by Alex and his word about obeying our parents we headed to the bowling ally to show off our skills.

some crazy camera time while waiting for our turns to bowl!

And even later that night we headed over to Alex and Dan’s house to have a good bye barbeque for Dee’s brother Jason. We were very blessed by a friend to provide us with dear steaks! It was so yummy and we even got to bring some home!

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