Monday, October 03, 2011


 It has been so much fun staying with my in laws this past month.  One of the things we have really enjoyed here is being part of the community garden they have here.   It was during the month of Aug that David got his bus license and was able to bring the gardeners out in one trip!

 It was so fun to watch them get off the bus and get right to work.

Each gardener had a great harvest this year.  I am sure for the past month everyone has been going home with 1-2 bags full of fresh produce.  Here is Sera picking some of her harvest.

Sera seeded this broccoli her self and had a great harvest of them.  They were delicious.

Some of the other gardeners working hard getting their produce.

Here is a very baby carrot!  I think this one was for Jaelyn.

Everyone leaving with their bags full of produce.  Thank you God for such a great harvest.

Here is what we have been doing with some of the produce.  I learned how to make dill pickles.

 Just last week when the gardeners came they harvested the big potato plot.  There were so many potatoes that each family got to go home with 2 large bags of them.  I am sure each bag was 15-20 lb of potatoes.

Eben and Daddy even got to help out by digging up the potato plants.

Jaelyn also tried to help with the potato harvest but the ground was so uneven it was hard for her to keep her balance and she went face first into the dirt. I think she is a cute gardener!

Now our garden back in Moncton is doing great.  We have some great friends picking it for us and getting to eat our delicious tomatoes.  We did go up this past weekend to harvest our potatoes! 

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Mrs. Stam said...

I love making dill pickles, they are so yummy, btw they get even getter when they age, but we can't wait, we just LOVE them!!!

Gardening and harvest is such a blessing!!!