Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The Peterson Stewart vacation started on Friday Aug 26th as we packed up the truck and the mini van and headed down to Rockport maine for the weekend.  What an awesome time we had down there.  We arrived just in time to grab a light lunch of fish and chips of course and then head over to a mini golf place.  It was the funnest mini golf course we have been to.  I am sure with all the video footage Micah took there will be a video to come.  

After our 18 holes we headed back to our motel where we were staying to go for a dip in the pool before mama BBQ'd some red franks for supper

The next day we packed up the family for a fun morning adventure; since the wedding wasn't until later that afternoon.  We took the kids down and walked the break water. 

The guys decided that they would take care of lunch for us so this is what we ended up with.  Eben usually doesn't eat anything not even chicken nuggets (which for a Dietitian isn't a bad thing) but him and Jaelyn sure LOVED popcorn chicken.  I think it was because he loves dips and Micah happened to get 5 different ones. 

Oh and did I mention the wedding was on our anniversary.  We were celebrating 6 years.  So here we are with our wedding picture.

The wedding was in a beautiful outdoor ampitherater and the weather was just prefect for the event.  Here we are in front of the stairs that the bride made her way down.

And here is the little family

OH and this is where the planking started.  We saw some people doing it down by the harbor after the wedding so Micah decided he would start his own planking career.

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