Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nannies visit

Nannie came to town this week and it was so much fun. The first thing we did was try out Eben's new bike that he got!! He really loves his big boy bike and is really good at riding it; although it did take some getting use to for him.

The weather was very nice this week for getting to go outside and playing. Eben received a bag of hand me downs and in one of the bags was a black and gray hat that looks just like the one hubby wears all the time. Another piece of clothing to make Micah's mini me look even more like him! hehe

Nannie loves to take pictures so here is one of the kids just hanging out. Lady J is rockin her new jean jacket outfit...from Nannie of course.

Whats a visit with Nannie without some fun time at McDonalds play place. Eben had lots of fun playing in there with lots of other kids.

And Lady J was just happy to sit in the old school McDonalds chair and watch all the action. Nannie did try to give her a french fry but Mama noticed too fast and took it away.


Aurie said...

What wonderful pictures - looks like you had a great visit! My youngest has the same onsie as your daughter in the last photo :)

Mrs. Stam said...

love seeing little man and Papa matching outfits :-)