Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Easter

What a day to rejoice. The day the grave couldn't hold HIM!!! We feel so blessed to know Jesus and are so thankful for the sacrifice that He made for us. We started Easter morning off by running around the house saying "He isn't there"!!! Then as we got ready for church we sang and danced around the house. Usually we don't dress up for church but since Easter is such a special day for us we got all dressed up!

All dressed and ready to go

Jaelyn in her first Easter dress

Celebrating at church as a family

And here is a picture of me and one of my friends Bre. Her little girl Emma and Jaelyn are only 1 week apart. So happy first Easter girls.

Before nap time on Sunday Micah and Eben thought they would be super funny pretending to be the Easter bunny. Eben has NO idea who or what the Easter bunny is but he still thought it was really funny.

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