Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dads birthday weekend

We spent another weekend away. This time we traveled to our homes to enjoy some time with our folks. Friday night we had a wonderful time of worship with our friends and family. Saturday was a relaxing day. On Sunday we headed down to St. Stephen to visit my parents. After church that day the woman's group from the church was putting on a spaghetti lunch to raise money for missions.

Can you tell that it was delicious!! Its one of Eben favorites meals. To work off lunch dad and Eben spent some time outside plowing the driveway.

While the babe napped Micah and I watched a movie that mom and dad had rented the night before. The movie is called FIREPROOF. This is such a GREAT movie I am recommending it to everyone. If you haven't heard about it check it out and watch the trailer.

Mom was busy all afternoon preparing a turkey dinner for dads birthday. He had requested for dessert chocolate cake with chocolate boiled frosting. After 3 tries he decided to settle for the regular boiled icing.

We never did give Eben cake for his birthday and I was planning on waiting until this summer but that didn't happen. A little piece was placed in front of him and his face just lite up. He didn't really end up eating too much (which is good) so for his little party this summer I think we will stick with apple sauce, since its his favorite.

Eben had fun with his great Grammy after supper.

That night we all sat down to watch the super bowl together and as though we hadn't eaten two days worth of calories already during half time the wings and nachos came out.

What a great weekend!!


Stam House said...

just love the movie!!!!! and sounds like a great time! we should do something together kate soon!

Micah and Katie said...

BTW, that shirt is still red! Micah

Totallyscrappy said...

Toddlerhood just isn't complete without the pictures of a sweet face smeared with spaghetti sauce!