Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Deanna

This weekend we packed up the family car and headed down or up to Nova Scoita for my bestest friends birthday party.

Her sister planned a wonderful party with lots of Deanna's friends and family. The theme of the party was "ugly sweaters". Every one got into this theme and really dressed up. We decided to wear our Peterson matching ugly sweaters. The one that I am wearing is actually Micah's favorite sweater that he wears daily (heheh). We got another one just like it from a couple at church one day who saw Micah wearing his and said "we have one to match if you want it". Eben got his last winter when we spotted it on sale at Super Store. Its a little small but it was cute for the party.

Krissy and I were busy in the kitchen all evening making lots of healthy food!!! Ya right... the b-day girl wanted sausage rolls and hot dogs in dough. I caught her at one point double fisting the sausage rolls! hehe...

Since Deanna didn't know the theme of the party her sister picked out this beautiful sweater for her to wear.

Now the winner of the party (in my option) would have to be our friend Alex, a 6'7" man squeezed into a lady's Easter sweater that had more bunnies, fuzz and Easter eggs on it then could count. Can you see the beautiful pastel sweater! hehehe....

Today is Deanna's actually birthday. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE!!!

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Stam House said...

I love the sweater that you and hubby are wearing!!!!