Thursday, December 18, 2008

Peterson Up date

Hey readers I am sorry that its been a while since we last blogged. The days keep on flying by and everyday I think I need to up date our blog. Be sure to know that we are going to be keeping this blog up as well and in the New Year we are going to try to start blogging again.

This fall we went out apple picking as a family and had a professional photographer ( ok and good friend) come with us to take some pictures. We then used those pictures to send out our Christmas greetings to everyone. If you didn't receive one here is your personal copy!

We just got a big snow storm this week like many other parts of the Maritimes. Eben and I had fun out in the snow today.

He loves to walk holding on to things so this little red sled came in handy as he used that to walk up and down the drive way before doing his favorite thing, yes ripping his mitts off with his teeth. So needless to say we can't keep him outside for too long!

This weekend we are doing our family Christmas exchange so we will take pictures and post about it. Also next week we are hosting our first annual Christmas sweater party...I am sure there will be some good pictures.

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