Saturday, December 27, 2008


The weekend before Christmas we packed up the car and headed down to Saint John to do our Peterson Christmas exchange. We had a great time opening gifts from one another and enjoyed lots of yummy food. Eben also got to open a few presents from Nannie, Papa, aunts and uncles. One gift he got was a new hat. These hats are a family thing as each member of the family has their own with different designs. Eben got the sheep design just like me!!

Santa showed up at our house on Christmas eve with a truck full of presents. I don't know if you think I am serious when I say a truck full but please believe me. There was so much stuff that we couldn't find the living room floor. That evening before heading off to church for a candle light service we went over to our friends house for a Newfoundland Jiggs dinner.

Eben really enjoyed all the vegetables mashed up and smothered in apple sauce. It seems these days we can't get much down the hatchet without it being drenched in the stuff. After the meal Beverly read us the night before Christmas only it was a Newfoundland tale.

Before heading out to church we got a nice family picture. Of course it's hard to get Eben to smile on the spot! hehe...

We woke up Christmas morning around 6:50; which was about the time last year that Ebenezer made his appearance. Micah got up right away and started lighting candles throughout the house and turning on the Christmas lights. Once we were all up he and Eben put the last piece on our advent calendar (baby Jesus) and then we read the story of the birth of Jesus from the book of Matthew.
Once we took time to thank God for sending the GREATEST gift of all we began to tackle the pile!

A gift for Princess Burt....hehehe. He loves princess auto so he got a box filled with stuff from there including a nice new hat.

Eben received so much stuff. I guess that's what happens when you get Christmas and birthday presents together.

One new present that he loves his is new tractor from Grampy! It makes the tractor sound, has a horn and under the seat is a little farm with 4 animals that make their sound when placed in a special spot!

Micah got some cool gifts. One was a large tool belt with lots of tools that he needed. However I think that he will enjoy all Ebens new toys just as much, if not more, then Eben.

My highlight gift of a new sewing machine from mom and dad. I have lots of projects on the go so I can't wait to learn and get better at this art!

Mom got 2 pictures of Eben from our apple picking adventures this fall. I think she was happy with them!!

Since this was the our first Christmas in our house (actually second but last year we spent it in the hospital) we were making new traditions. One was that we would eat a smaller breakfast of cinnamon buns, juice and coffee and then enjoy our turkey supper at lunch time.

Another thing we did because we were the only ones attending our feast was to eat in our PJ's.

Now the tricky part....what to do with all the leftovers!!

After Christmas lunch we were all so stuffed that we decided to get dressed and head out for a Christmas walk. Can you believe that we made a pumpkin pie and didn't even have room to eat it!!
That evening we headed out to cousin Pamela's house to enjoy a lovely time out there with of course more food!! But what would Christmas be without bacon wrapped water chestnuts and scallops. Dad and Micah brought their guitars and Pamela played the piano while we sang Christmas carols.

I think that we will skip out of getting grocery's for the rest of the year and let all this food digest!!

Hope you had a Wonderful Christmas holiday celebrating the birth of JESUS!!


Stam House said...

Wow lots of fun over at the Peterson's house!!! And Happy birthday little man!!!

I love those sheep hat!!!

And you got a sewing machine!!!! That is great you'll be able to sew up the storm now!!!!

Geniève said...

Awww... What a nice Christmas! :-D
Can't wait to see you guys and wish happy birthday to Eben in person :)

Always and forever said...

Oh Katie he is so big!! I can't believe it. I really wish we had been able to see each other over Christmas. Hopefully it won't be long before we can figure out a visit!
Looks like you had a great Christmas. Big hugs to all of you!