Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Peterson Camping Trip!

Every Labor day weekend my husbands family packs up and heads out camping for the weekend. When we were engaged I joined the family and went with them, staying with his cousins. Let me tell you the first experience was not joyful at all. It was so cold!!! But I was determined not to give up. So I went again after the 1st year of being married. This time we decided to head to New River beach (instead of Fundy Park). This time I tried my hardest to be a trooper but did end up waking up in the middle of the night crying because I was so cold! However I still didn't let it stop me. This year I was determined to stay warm and have fun!! Yes we were only going for 3 nights and 3 days...but I needed to be warm!

Once I convinced hubby that me packing all these warm clothes would allow him to have a more enjoyable camping experience we were able to load the car and get on our way!

Yes...that's the babe in the back. He wasn't sure what to think of his surrounds but he did great on the drive.

The first night I wanted to make sure that the babe was warm when we was sleeping so we bundled him up. He is such a great little camper.

New River is such a great place to camp. The sites are large, its right on the ocean and there is a nice hiking trail close by. Also all around our camp sites where blueberry bushes. So each morning we sent the kids out to pick some blueberries for breakfast. I think they eat more then they brought back but it kept them busy well they waited for breakfast.

On Saturday we all packed up and headed off for the hiking trail. What beautiful scenery, we even had time to stop and play on the rocks.

For meal times we were always a crowd as many of our friends and other family members stopped by for visits.

And of course what would an annual camping trip be without Dutch Blitz at night!!!


N and N said...

looks like a great time! I understand completely about being cold camping = no fun.

Stam House said...

Looks like you guys had a lot's of fun!!!!! And I love the little bundle of a little man staying warm so cute!

Shiloh*~ said...

Great fun! Great pics! Great memories! But what about the beach!?! We went to New River BEACH and you didn't show any pictures of the beach?? I will have to send you some of mine soon so you can share this wonderful treasure with all our friends on the worldwideweb! ;o)
(I'm sure you have a seperate blog in the works just about the beach...right?)