Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Apple Picking

Last week the babe and I had the privilege of going apple picking with our moms group. It was a chilly morning but the sun came out and it ended up being a beautiful morning. The apple orchard was beautiful and the apples where ready for the picking.

I got the babe strapped on and was ready to pick. These baby carriers really come in handy. Lots of other moms had their babes in them to. It was good cause we got to do some serious picking!

There were lots of latter's all around the orchard so we could get at the nice juicy apples at the tops of the tree.

And they were useful for take some beautiful photos on

Once we let the babes out of the carriers there was no going back in. They did a great job of cleaning up the apples that were all over the ground.

I had a very successful day picking apples. To see and read about all the yummy treats I made check out Kates kitchen.

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Stam House said...

I love those picture!!!! look like tuns of fun!