Tuesday, July 01, 2008

We never stop!!

The weeks have been flying by... It hard to believe that its the July 1st already! So here is what we have been up to.

The last weekend in May was the Pregnancy Resource Centers annual walk for life. This year they had 3 tiny walkers; Eben and his two friends Noah and Peter. I think that all three of them fell asleep before we even started the walk!


That's right my dear husband and friends did it...They pulled off a surprise birthday party to welcome me into the quarter century club.

I thought that after church we were just going over to our friends house (where we go most Sundays after church) for a BBQ. I was shocked when I walked around the corner in their house to find lots of friends and family members jammed in there!

We enjoyed a yummy BBQ, cake, fellowship and of course some serious games of Dutch Blitz! And if you think that is an Awesome day it was topped off with a visit from my BEST friend.

The band she sings with, Life Support, was in town that night playing at our church. So she had time to stop by the party and then that night we took Eben to see them.

We had our first LOVE MONCTON the first week of June that our church took part in. After a fun day of cleaning up the streets we enjoyed a fun BBQ in the park with lots of music. Here is Eben drumming along with the African Children s Choir.

For only being 1/2 a year old Eben sure has done a lot. Here he is enjoying the sunshine at one of his little friends birthday party.

Ok so maybe him and Noah weren't that interested in the party! hehe..

Micah had some work to do with my Dad so it was off to St. Stephen we went. While we were down there we celebrated both mine and Mom's birthdays with a family BBQ. Here is Eben and I with my first Cousin and her children.

Just last weekend Eben go to his first wedding! He looked so cute in his shirt, tie and dress hat.

I think that he was getting tired of us taking lots of pictures of him by this point!

So we haven't stopped yet and the rest of the summer has lots of fun in the plans. Keep checking us out to see what crazy adventures we will have in the up coming month!!


Geniève said...

Wow, Eben looks so big next to Noah and Peter :)

You guys are so cute. We loved being able to come down for your surprise birthday bash. Thanks Micah for inviting us! :D

Geniève said...

And I must say: that is the cutest little outfit ever! lol