Monday, October 29, 2007

Weiwei's Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Weiwei's birthday! Micah and I decided to cook up something new for this special occasion; so we dug to the bottom of our freezer to find the crown roast we had bought this summer. For all of you who don't know what a crown roast is, its like a bunch of pork chops tied together with the bones sticking up to make the shape of a crown. Here is the king of the kitchen himself with his crown! hehehe....

With a little bit of advice from Rhonda on how to cook it our roast was a success. Weiwei was very excited to dig into this work of art!

Micah who is a gravy lover decided that this would not be a feast without making gravy from the drippings. So after getting some advice from his aunt Carol (who he believes to be a gravy master) he was hard at work mixing up gravy for the special meal. It turn out to be really flavorful, however it was a little bit thick as it wouldn't even pour out of the gravy dish we had it in!

We ended our meal with a delicious Crapple Crisp (Crapple is a combination of apples and cranberries) and ice cream! We ended the evening with a couple rounds of a new game that Stephen and Maria purchased this weekend called Sequence. It was a lot of fun to play!


Kathleen said...

That roast looks amazing! (and I'm a vegetarian)... and just wanted to say that Sequence is one of my favorite games in the world - so happy you got introduced to it!!

Stam House said...

looking very beautiful Kate, roast yummmm I love roast!