Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pumpkins at Pauls

This past Saturday we went over to our friend Paul's house for Pizza and Pumpkins! First we enjoyed many different kinds of pizza for supper before we got down to work; carving our pumpkins.

Micah and I worked together as a team. I got to do the dirty work and clean the pumpkin out while my artistic husband carved the pumpkin.

While Micah was busy creating a pumpkin master piece I was hard at work in the kitchen cookin up the pumpkin seeds. They are so yummy baked in the oven with a little bit of olive oil and of course lots of salt. Everyone was very creative with their pumpkin creations. Here is the outcome of ours!

You might not be able to tell what that is so here is a better picture we took the following day at home in the light.

Maybe you can tell better from this picture that its a stork carrying a baby! What a creative husband I have.


Shiloh*~ said...

WOW, Micah! That's aMAZing! It took me a few looks at both pictures to decipher, it but I got it just before reading Katie's interpretation. Great job! Sounds like you all had a lot of fun!

Nat and Naomi said...

wow! I love the pumpkin, you are very creative Micah.

Ben Peterson said...

Good thing for captions. I was seeing a profile of a dude with big ears and a massive cartoony upper lip