Monday, June 18, 2007

Time for an up date!!

It has been so long since we last up- dated that I don't even know where to begin in our new adventures.

The long weekend in May the Stewart's made the long track to Moncton to visit with Micah and I for the weekend. We had a fun time with my mom and dad enjoying each others company. We went shopping (while mom and I did), ate Chinese food, went swimming (everyone except me...the water was too cold) and played phase 10.

The rest of May was pretty boring as nothing really excited happened.

The 1st day of June however was a different story!!! Micah treated me like a queen for my whole birthday. I woke up to a nice breakfast, we went out for a yummy supper and after my women's prayer meeting Micah had organized a surprise birthday party for me. It was so much fun. We had yummy treats (carrot cake and Deborah's home made African donuts!), I was blessed with a lot of very nice gifts, and of course there was dancing....a lot of dancing!

My Birthday weekend just kept getting better. On June 2nd my best friend Deanna was in Moncton to stay with us. We had so much fun staying up late talking about the awesome things that God is doing with his people. On Sunday the band from my university (Life Support) was leading worship at our church, this is why Dee was down visiting. After church we went to a wonderful couples house from our church to enjoy a yummy lunch with the band.

Also that weekend our Christian Ranger (kind of like the power rangers only better) friends where in town.

So on Sunday we joined them for some pizza and games. It was fun hanging out with Phil and Genieve ( yes that is who is behind the ranger gear) again as they had been away for a very long time.


Phil & Geniève said...

Go Christian Rangers!

Stam House said...

Katie your looking great on the pic with the green shirt!

Stam House said...

homade wrap look it up on my blog

Eli said...

Love and miss you guys!

Micah, when are you going to record "Story of the Lost Sheep" bro?

The Black Family said...

Hi Katie and Micah. Great to see you guys are doing great. You're looking beautiful (as always) Katie; hope you are feeling well also. Very happy for you guys.