Saturday, June 16, 2007

Continued Peterson Adventures

June just didn't stop after that weekend. The very next weekend Micah and I were packing up our little car to head to Fredericton to surprise Shiloh for a birthday party that her friends where having for her.

Micah and I spend Saturday with our friend Phil and Genieve we went out to enjoy the hot sunny day in Fredericton. That evening we went over to our friends Kristy and Ryan Shorts house for a yummy meal of home made pizza and cesear salad. Kristy is a very good cook as very thing tasted delicious. The next morning we headed off to church at the meeting place. We really enjoy going to this church and it just so happened that after church was there annual summer BBQ we tried not to eat too much as we knew we would be going to another BBQ in just a few hours.

When we got back to Phil and Genieve house Micah and Phil had a chance to play some music together while Genieve and I were in the kitchen creating new dips to take to the BBQ.

We headed out to the party a bit early so that we could help Shiloh's friends Faith and Monique decorate for the special occasion. Some of the balloons were very massive! Genieve was blowing one up so much that it popped right in her was sooo scary that Micah screamed at the top of his lungs. It was a very funny had to be there kind of moment!

Once the birthday girl arrived, it was no time before the BBQ was going and food was being served on the table. We enjoyed a wonderful feast of many different foods.

Shiloh was blessed with many nice gifts from her friends and family. Here she is sporting some of the new items she had received.

Before the evening ended we were able to get some photos in before we all parted our ways again. Here is a semi family picture of us with Shiloh, Micah's parents and grand parents.

After such an exciting weekend away in Fredericton you would think that our traveling for the month would be over...but oh no there was another just this past weekend.

Friday night Micah and I decided to pack the car and head to St. Stephen for the weekend. We had a lot of fun being home with my family. The first night we just relaxed outside by the camp fire. It was to bed early as Micah and I both had a busy day ahead of us.

Saturday morning we woke up to pancakes and bacon cooking. After enjoying such a hardy breakfast, Dad and Micah were off to the woods and Mom and I were off to town to go shopping. After a long day for all of us we headed to St. Andrews to celebrate Mom's birthday. We went to a special restaurant that my mom loves called the Gables. It was so beautiful out side we were able to eat on the patio which over looked the water. Micah enjoyed the slamer's that we ordered as a appetizer.

After supper we enjoy a nice walk down the front street of St. Andrews. We stopped by a new ice cream stand to enjoy a little bit of dessert. We all enjoyed waffle cones and continued walking down towards the wharf. The wind had pick up a lot and it was very cold walking so we had to turn back.

When we got back home my cousin Carrie came out to visit with her two little girls Chloe and Ella. We had another fire only this time mom was prepared with hot dogs and marshmallows for the kids. Ella enjoyed the marshmallows while Chloe took care of making spider dogs!


Phil & Geniève said...

I totally forgot about Micah screaming when that balloon popped in my face...hehehe. I totally laughed when I read this 'cause I got a real flash back of the

Monique said...

It was a pleasure to 'party' with you and also to finally meet you in person, Katie!

Monique :-)

Stam House said...

sound's like a lot of fun!
Hoping your taking some rest you 2 now!