Monday, June 28, 2010

New Swing Set

We just celebrated Eben's 2 1/2 birthday! I know it sounds weird but when you are born on Christmas morning we figured (only after having a house WAY to full of presents on Christmas morning) that we would celebrate 1/2 birthdays for Eben. We started the weekend off with a big birthday celebration for the little guy on Friday; which was actually his 1/2 birthday. * Pictures of the party will be coming soon!

So Nana and Grampy came up to spend their first days of vacation with us and putting together a beautiful swing set for Eben.

Here are the guys making sure all the pieces were there.

Starting the project

Its getting close
Just putting together the final touches ( not too many hours later!)

All in place and ready for Eben to take his first swing on it.

Him and Daddy up at the crack of dawn trying it out before the rain came.

Also while mom and dad were here Eben's play house got a second coat of paint and looks great thanks to Nana.


Emily said...

Beautiful swing set. How many cars do you own, little tough guy? Even more than me.

Stam House said...

So much fun! I'm sure that he and the little one will enjoy it a lot!!!