Saturday, April 05, 2008

How To Build a Ski Hill in Your Backyard

Hey everybody, Micah here. This is my front yard for 20 years in French Village, New Brunswick. As you can see, my niece and nephew are having lots of fun sliding down this great hill. I used to too with my brothers. We built jumps and rocked our GT's pretty much every day in the winter.

Moncton is a little flat (thanks for mowing the yard Nance, looks great!). This is a problem, so we decided to come up with a strategic plan to pretty much build Poley Mountain in our backyard!!

Step 1 - Have a crazy winter

Step 2 - Get someone to plow about 50 snowfalls into the back of your driveway

Step 3 - Hire a tractor to shoot the giant mound of snow over your fence into the backyard

Step 4 - Enjoy!

Drawback - Giant brown thing in the Spring : S

I think the tractor annihilated a kids shovel too : S It blew up and it scattered about our yard...

So there you have it. Pretty neat eh? Best of luck building your own Ski Hill in your backyard!


Anonymous said...

Hyuck! Hyuck! Love it!
Step #1 would be pretty crucial. Too bad that sand and salt have to be mixed into the equation!
Hope you're enjoying some sun as winter finally fades into spring!
Your sis*~

Traciatim said...

LOL, and I thought I was the only crazy one. Down here in SJ I used a shovel to clean off of our raised deck. It has a bench that goes around one of the sides so I piled all the snow in one spot until it reached the deck so the kids (6 and 3) could climb up on the deck, go over the railing and slide in to the back yard. It took a few snowfalls and probably 8 hours of shoveling, but it was HUGE to a 6 and 3 year old (probably a 7' pile/hill down in to the yard). Boy did the kids have a blast.

This was our first winter in our new house and we moved from an apartment, it sure is a big change when you can do things like this in your back yard.