Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas with the Stewart's

We started our Christmas vacation off with a trip home to St. Stephen on Dec. 22nd after we were finished work.

On Saturday we had some visitors show up to enjoy a wonderful Christmas supper!

My aunt Debbie and her husband Tim came baring gifts and an sweet apple pie!

Weiwei was with us again this year, my grams where there and so were some good friends of my parents. We had such a feast with all the fixings. After supper dad played us some Christmas carols on his bagpipes. He sounds so much better then he did a couple of years ago when he was first learning how to play!

That night we enjoyed some good music outside in dad's work shop. Micah and dad where playing the guitars and Weiwei gave the bass a try. He was really good for his first time

On Christmas eve we went up to my cousins house to spend some time with my girls Chloe and Ella! We had lots of fun with them playing with some new toys that they had just received.

Soon it was time to head home again to get ready for another get together meal. On Christmas eve we enjoy a big feast of muscles!!! They were so good! By the look on Micah's face I don't think he liked them too much!! haha..

Micah had me up bright and early on Christmas morning! I think that we was anticipating some beef jerky in his stocking even though we told me a billion times that we didn't get him any this year!!! He quickly new we were tricking him when he went to the fridge in the morning for his orange juice and wrapped around the carton was a big bag full of beef jerky!!! We had a great morning reading about the birth of our Savior, Jesus in the book of Luke. We shared lots of laughs as we were gather around the table opening our gifts. Micah got a big surprise as Mom, Dad and I all pitched in to buy him an Ipod for Christmas. It was the last gift he opened and that was the last we saw of him! haha...

Before we left Christmas day to head to St. John to spend time with Micah's family, Weiwei and I decided that we need one last feast at the Stewart house before the long drive back!!


Burton "piper" Stewart said...

What do you mean I'm playing much better than a couple of years ago? Maybe its because I've developed more "wind" as I've gotten older. We also enjoyed having you for Christmas and Annie had such flattering things to say about Micah at our New Years Day dinner at Bernice's.

T.C. said...

you know.... the bass looks pretty good on Wei Wei... maybe we'll have a new Funk musician! whooohoooo!

And geeeeeeesh. i wish i woulda' gotten some beef jerky!


Stam House said...

Hey you 2
just wondreing how you were since i havn't heard from you for a while

Phil & Geniève said...

Hey you guys, I think it's time to update on the blog ;-)