Saturday, September 22, 2007

Moving Day!

It was an early morning on Saturday as it was moving day! Micah and his dad took off around 8:15 to go get the U-haul truck that we rented. They arrived back to the apartment a little before 9:00; it just so happened it was the same time many of our good friends had shown up to help us. Once the truck was in place the boys started packing it up. Within 1 hour the truck was packed and they were on there way to get some stuff that we were storing at our friends house. By 10:30 the truck was at our new home and it was being unpacked.

The boys had great team work as they unloaded the truck, brought the items in and received direction from me as to where to put stuff...however there was so much stuff it was hard to direct everyone where to go with it.

While the boys were unloading the truck our girl friends where also very busy. They were helping put away all the boxes that were coming in, making the beds, re arranging the furniture in the bedrooms, cleaning out the cupboards and cleaning the bathroom!

Rhonda was also hard at work cooking seafood chowder for our helpers.

Before we knew it the truck was empty and everything that we own was squished into our new home. It wasn't even 11:30 when Micah was pulling out of here with an empty U-Haul to take back. When Micah arrived back home I was told to meet him outside with the camera. I went outside to find my husband sitting in the trunk of our friends car with a rocking chair that he had just picked up at a yard sale for $5.00! It was just what I had mentioned that I wanted for the baby's room earlier that week!

After enjoying a delicious lunch of seafood chowder, biscuits and banana bread for dessert it was back to work as we tried to make the house look like we lived there.

Our two friends Jamie and Stephen put together our conner computer desk,

We tried to orangize the food and dishes in the kitchen,

And Micah and his dad decided to clean out the attic so we could put some more insulation up there....they ended up finding some wacky and cool things! (this is Micah inside of an old TV)

The rest of our day was filled with more cleaning, putting up shelfs, getting a curtain rod for the bathroom and putting things away in the basement. By the end of our first day in our new home things were looking great!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new home! It looks great!!!

Monique :-)

Phil & Geniève said...

It would have been great to be there. I think our Tetris skills would have come in handy, but it looks like your team did a wonderful job!
We miss you guys and we should be seeing you sometime soon. Can't wait to see the new house and the family that makes it a home :-)

Phil and Genieve

Always and forever said...

Hey! happy to see our pictures got put to good use! :) Now we need to see all the pictures of the house now that you're finished!
Love ya

Stephen & Maria Weyman said...

Loving the new house! Thanks for having us over to play some dutch blitz and to sing some worship songs. It was great!