Friday, August 31, 2007


After 48 weeks I finally graduated from The Moncton Hospital Graduate Internship Program. The ceremony took place on Friday August 31st in the afternoon. The four of us had family members and friends come to share in this proud moment as we received our internship diplomas, Dietitian pins and a dozen roses.

I was very blessed to have both my parents and Micah's parents come up as well as Dave and Dora (Micah's grandparents). I also had some close friends from our church attend the ceremony and other invited friends.

Best of all Micah had the day off to come and celebrate this achievement with me. I know that without his support throughout this year I would not have made it.

After the ceremony we all headed over to Pizza Hut to celebrate over pizza and chocolate milk (it was one of my cravings at the time).

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Stam House said...

yay katie!!!!!