Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Dayspring Weekend

This was a wonderful weekend. Katie and I took the African Kids Choir for a weekend retreat at Daypring Ministries(my home of 20 years). We joined many other international and Canadian friends on Saturday for the International Family Fun day that my parents and others plan quite often now at Dayspring. It was such a joy to go swimming, eat together, go canoeing, catch frogs and play soccer. The kids have been working hard and it was fun to relax a bit and enjoy God's nature!

We finished up Saturday with a giant pillow fight which lasted a good 20 minutes and then hit the hay!

Sunday, we had an amazing pancake breakfast cooked by my Grampa Jamer and uncle Jerry. We had some time to read the bible and we had a wonderful time worshipping together with my grandparents, parents and all the friends that came to help us out (thanks guy ;). It is always so awesome to worship God together with other cultures! I think that God is really pleased when we all come together to praise his name! We have been so blessed to be a part of these kids lives and we look forward to watching them grow and become young men and women of God!

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jenwhelly said...

hey guys,
thanks for letting me be a part of that weekend; i was very blessed by it!
love, jw